Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Awful Phone Picture of a Beautiful Memory

Every year since we've been together (that's 10 years, btw), Shannon and I go to look at the Christmas lights in a neighborhood called Winterhaven in Tucson.  It's one of our very favorite holiday traditions - getting bundled up, eating dive Chinese first, singing carols and waving to passersby from the back of the hayride.  In fact, that's where Shanni gave me my ring and asked me to spend forever loving her.  Like I'd say anything but yes...

But anyway, I took this picture with my phone just this past Christmas.  Little did we know our baby would be born just about a week or so later.  So *this* is a picture of our last trip to Winterhaven as a couple.  This year, we'll go as a family.

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