Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Give it a whirl Wednesday: Ice Cube Painting

Pinterest gave us another fabulous toddler-friendly art idea last week:  ice cube painting!  It took just a wee bit of prep work the night before, but Annabellie LOVED it.  Every day, multiple times a day, she points out her beautiful creations on the fridge, and there are still colored cubes in our freezer to enjoy another day!
You'll need just a few basic supplies:  an ice cube tray or two (got mine in a 3-pack at the dollar store), food coloring, craft sticks (which I snapped in half), paper, and a lipped cookie sheet.
I mixed about half a cup of water with each of the five colors we used. This created 3 cubes of each color.

I stuck them in the freezer for about 45 minutes or so, until they were supposed to be frozen enough to hold the popsicle sticks, but not completely frozen yet.  Except they weren't quite frozen enough... my sticks ended up a little catawampus.  Annabelle didn't mind - they worked fine.
We laid a ruinable (not a word, but you totally understand what I mean) towel down and put her paper in the cookie sheet.
Then I just let her go to town!

And this was the final, gorgeous result!

She created one large and two smaller masterpieces with the same cubes.  Then I let her have a little messy fun playing with the melted rainbow puddles.  All in all, a huge success. And I'm pretty sure the large painting will be framed - the colors are amazing and she genuinely created it all by herself.