Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoughts on Mother's Day

I can't help thinking, on this day that celebrates the most important job a woman can have, that we are so blessed to have such incredible women in our lives. 

Karen.  More than an aunt, more than a friend.  She loves and supports Shannon unconditionally, and in return trusts Shannon with more of her heart than anyone else.  And she absolutely adores our baby girl.

Mom.  My heart breaks to know she is spending this special day still in the hospital, just as she spent Easter and Mackenzie's 10th birthday.  Doctors and nurses assure us that she is healing, that her body and brain will recover. That woman made me the person I am today.  I owe all the best parts of me to her and my dad, and I pray every day that she'll be back to herself soon.

Rosie.  My closest, most amazing SMF.  She is my beloved confidant, inspiring mentor, and favorite partner in crime. She treated us to brunch today along with her beautiful daughter Ashton.  Thank you.

Annabelle. Our sweet, smiling Bean with the most charming disposition and precious face.  I never imagined my heart existing outside of my body, but it does.  She owns it all.

So many other sweet friends, like Jennifer, Kristen, Deb, Marybeth, Gracie.  Wonderful women and mothers who make our lives richer, fuller, better, and who love us, our families, and our Annie B. 

We love you all back very much.  I made two projects to celebrate our mothers loving our daughter.  It doesn't get any more special than this. Happy Mother's Day.

Grandma and Annabelle

Grandma-ish (Aunt Karen) and Annabelle

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