Sunday, May 1, 2011

4 Months

Our girl turned 4 months old yesterday.  Don't ask me how that's even possible.  It's been 120 or so days of love and cuddles and smiles.  She is the easiest, happiest, most loving little girl who ever was, and we are so overjoyed and so very thankful she's ours.

She marked her big weekend with a few important milestones.  First, she moved to size two in diapers.  We've been having these volcano-like poop eruptions up the back of her diapers for about a week now.  When we consulted some of our mom friends, they pretty much unanimously said go up a size. So we did.  Oddly, we had another Vesuvius episode tonight in her size 2s, so we're switching brands next.

Also, she took her first big girl bath today.  We've been bathing her on the bathroom counter, her bath chair on top of a towel, with a small bucket full of warm soapy water.  But tonight, we put her chair in the bathtub and poured water on her, even let her sit directly in the water for a bit - a real bath.  She wasn't too keen at first, but we're pretty sure she liked it in the end.

And lastly, she wore shoes for the first time.  We thought her feet were HUGE when she was born.  They just looked so big on her tiny little body, but it turns out they are really quite small.  We've been waiting for those tootsies to be big enough to fit into the smallest shoes you can buy, and today was the day. And how perfect are these cuties?? Almost as perfect as the sweet girl wearing them.

Happy 4 months, Beanie!  Love you like mad, baby girl.

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