Sunday, July 18, 2010


There's thunder and lightning outside!  Actual weather besides skin-crisping, sole-melting heat!!  We're praying there will actually be rain that reaches the ground.  Keep your fingers crossed...

Speaking of weather, I created this mostly-October Afternoon layout today.  We took these pics in late December, after seeing countless snow play layouts on twopeas and other scrappy blogs.  I was jealous of all the snow angels and snowmen and other wintery delights, while we in Mesa, AZ  were experiencing our typical winter weather - 70 degrees and sunny.  Always sunny.... So Shanni had this great idea to build a "no-snow"man, scarf, carrot nose and all.  I had to snap these shots, and I finally got around to crafting a project with them today.  Too funny!

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ZoezMom said...

I LOVE that black mixed with that green dot paper, thanks for the inspiration, I know how to use that paper now! And I have to tell you, I also find myself jealous of the weather when I see snow play layouts.