Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enough Already

It's a cloudy Saturday.  I love cloudy days.  This summer being an exception, they are very rare in these parts.  And even rarer still... it's not hot outside.  Very humid but definitely not hot.  That's pretty special.

Mom's coming home from the hospital today.  This wraps up her 8th stay in 18 months.  Still fighting that diabetic ankle wound, although the vein doctor gave us some hope for healing yesterday, thank God.  I made a simple page about all of mom's hospital visits lately and my feelings about her whole diabetes/health situation. The journaling is hidden behind the photo, and I kept the layout very under-embellished on purpose.  There's really nothing pretty about what's been going on, nothing to beautify, but it still felt right making this page.  If scrapbooking is about documenting real life, then this is real and honest. Life isn't always made up of birthday parties and visits to the beach, right?

Thanks.  I'm off to enjoy this lovely gray day - a donation drop off to Good Will, a hair appointment, and bringing mom home.

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