Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sorry, Kenz

A phone call from my niece Mackenzie...

K: Hi Waya.

A: Hey Kenz. What's up?

K: If I sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight, will you take me to The Roomstore tomorrow?

A: Sorry, where do you want to go?

K: The Roomstore

A: (laughing) Why do you want to go to The Roomstore, honey?

K: Cuz I want a bigger bed. Mine's too small.

A: Aw, Kenzie, I can't take you there. You'll have to talk to your Dad and Stacy.

K: I did, but they won't take me.

A: Sorry babe, but I can't take you out and buy you furniture. That's Daddy's job.

She's 8. I'm used to her wanting to shop for clothes, earrings, nail polish, lip gloss... but bedroom furniture? That's a first.

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