Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pokey Little Puppy goes to Basha's

So Kenz slept over last night. We started our morning off with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, closely followed by a session of sidewalk chalk art outside. Kenzie drew Aunt Shanni with a mustache, and Shannon maturely retaliated by sketching Kenz sitting on a toilet. I drew a kite...

I visited mom in the hospital (day 3 of what's looking to be a long stay, thanks to a severe UTI and all its ugly side effects) while Shannon graciously grocery shopped for Mom and Dad and us. When all the to-do's were done, we headed across the planet to Peoria for Crimson's 3rd birthday - a Littlest Pet Shop bonanza. Festivities included party games, ball throwing, a 6 foot sub, and face painting. A good time was had by all.

The real fun, however, came after the party when we had to stop by Basha's real quick to grab a few items Walmart didn't have earlier. Nothing like two adults buying tortillas and a 10 pack of Ramen soup, one with peeling face paint that once resembled a kitty and the other in full puppy makeup, floppy construction paper ears and all. Shameless.

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