Friday, January 22, 2010

I hate my tonsils

It's a dreary Friday, rain has been falling nearly non-stop for 3 days, and it's cold. Typically, these are my favorite kind of days because of their rarity. I'd be at school, enjoying an indoor recess with my students playing Chess or cards, watching them perform at our first class Toastmaster's meeting. It was supposed to be a great Friday.

But I have strep. Again. For the 3rd time in 6 weeks.

Seriously, I'm ready to peel these cursed, infection-riddled, pock-marked tonsils out of my throat with a straight razor. Gruesome, I know, but true. But I suppose the better idea is to wait until my appointment with the ENT surgeon next month. In addition to the sensation of swallowing shattered glass and thumb tacks, and the body aches from the fever, I'm just so frustrated. Please, Germ God, leave me alone. Enough is enough.

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