Sunday, October 2, 2011


Mom's birthday is tomorrow.  77.  We are bringing her cake and love this afternoon.  She's had a great three weeks, lucid and happy and making a genuine effort to eat and think and connect.  It has been wonderful.

Annabelle is officially 9 months old, has two bottom teeth, is pulling up on anything she can, and is crawling like a turbo bug.  Unfortunately, she has decided this past week that she no longer likes naps.  We're hoping this phase passes quickly.

School is great.  My class is still spectacular and I've been able to take a half-day each week to spend with mom, which has been incredible.  I work for and with the kindest people.  I am so blessed and so grateful.

Fall Break is one week away.  We have booked an awesome getaway to Lake Tahoe.  I can't wait to drive through northern CA!  There's nothing that makes me happier than the changes of autumn - the change of color, of temperature, of pace.  Love it.

My SC Glee Club kit arrived and it's delicious.  So did my Autumn Press goodies.  Loving the fall feel of these and the projects I've been creating with it all.  

And now... we watch football.  Gotta love Sunday afternoons.

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