Monday, October 24, 2011

Right Now

Right now at almost 10 months, you are amazing.

You can stand without support for 7 seconds, learned to clap your hands this week, and love to be tickled.  You are still working on your laugh - mostly it comes out as a short, hacking cough.  And when you're feeling the love, you mash your face, growling happily and giving open mouth kisses.

You adore "crack puffs" although we can't get you to feed them to yourself.  You will, however, eat them so delicately off mama's or mommy's fingers. You enjoy riding in you red wagon, drinking from your sippy cups, and tasting everything you can.  Mouth noises are your favorite right now - clicking your tongue, smacking your lips, and grinding your teeth, even though you only have four of them.  What is that?

Playtime on your blanket is your favorite time of day, and honestly, it's ours too. Your spirit is pure joy, your smile utterly contagious, and you get more beautiful every single day.  You are so, so overwhelming loved.

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