Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Here I am on day 3 of bed rest, miserable sick with this cold/flu thing and bored.out.of.my.mind.   For the 6 hours I'm awake each day, there's maybe one where I feel well enough to get out of bed and move.  Today I chose to spend that hour in my craft room - big surprise.  Studio Calico posted a challenge yesterday that really grabbed me. Kelly Purkey created this layout and challenged us to use rainbow hues on a layout.
Awesome.  I love how simple and graphic this is, how the colors and the large black and white photo compliment each other so well.

Then, being the *severe* Pinterest addict that I am, I had pinned this image over the weekend, courtesy of RoadTripinFinland.  There was something about the panels of color across the top and the fade to colorless at the bottom.

Kelly's layout and challenge combined with this pin instantly in my head.  Don't you love it when inspiration lightning strikes like that?  So here's what I made.  Thanks KP, SC, and Pinterest for sparking my creativity.  You never let me down. :)


Becky said...

This is so awesome! Really great take on the challenge!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Love how you used the different size strips of papers to make the rainbow! Great layout as always :)