Sunday, March 6, 2011

We were warned

When Shannon became pregnant, my best friend Rose and I spent a lot of time talking about this journey that is parenthood.  She has raised two wonderful children who had to endure some really awful, unfair things early in their life because of their father. She warned me that, while I adore my brother's children completely who have also endured some awful, unfair crap early in their lives because of their miserable excuse for a mother, when I have my own child, "love" won't even be enough of a word to encompass the range of emotion I would feel for her.  I argued, but Rose insisted.  Trust me, she said.  You'll see.

And here we are, Annabelle is nine and a half weeks old, and I am so overwhelmed by the depth of what I feel for her.  It's love, and more.  It is possessive, protective adoration.  It is soft, sweet need.  It is awesome wonder and patient tenderness. It is spontaneous bouts of weeping because there isn't room inside of me to contain it all. It is so, so much.  What was life before our sweet girl?

I created this today, using Studio Calico's Sunday Sketch and lots of their new product.  I just can't stop showcasing our Annabelle.

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