Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Make-over

As much as I love love love the internet, my techno-blogger skills are sooooooo minimal.  Basically, I know how to log in, type, and post.  I am completely intimidated by the formatting and design, and forget about that "edit html" tab.  So, I just spend my time oogling other blogs and thinking, "How'd they do that??"  For example, my blog header.  It was just some borrowed art from a free blog design website that I somehow managed to make fit and put a title on. It was never really what I wanted. 

Then today I found this post on A Foothill Home Campanion.  Her simple directions were so easy to follow, written in layman's terms, and, while I did have to click the dreaded "edit html" button, I didn't really have to edit a dang thing.  Just scroll down and check a number. Easy peasy.  And now my blog header looks like ^that^!  It's just want I wanted.  Thanks Molly!

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