Friday, March 18, 2011

Rude much?

We have these flaky friends/neighbors.  They are the nicest people, and we usually enjoy spending time with them, but they make odd decisions and aren't the best planners.  Anyway, long story as short as possible... they asked me, repeatedly, to set up one of their friends with one of my friends.  Truthfully, I don't know the girl I invited very well, but I know she's a single mom, he's a single dad, they're both cute so why not?  I awkwardly invited this girl I semi-know to haul her cookies across town for a big group playdate; we'd all bring our kids and meet at a neighborhood park and just spend some time together.  Surprisingly, she said yes. It was meant to be casual, easy, fun.

Well after an hour of playing, my neighbors suddenly announce they have to go.  They have invited people over for dinner and those guests are one their way.  Say what?  Invited people for dinner?? You pestered me to organize this get together a week ago and you're bailing after an HOUR?!  Not to mention, they never even told their male friend that he was being set up, so he was shy and socially awkward and did nothing to get to know my friend!! AND I stayed an extra hour at the park keeping this poor girl company trying to at least make sure her children had a good time, then had to walk the almost-a-mile home alone with my baby in a stroller at dusk.  Really crappy, really rude.

I was embarrassed and angry clear up til bedtime, so after my turn with the 2:00am feeding, I retreated into my craft room and made this.  It's a little art/idea journal where I can jot and sketch all the crazy ideas that pop into my head while I'm not sleeping because I'm fuming over the crummy things people do.  Knowing me, I'll still be upset today because I'll spend it awaiting an apology.  So rude.


Kristen said...

So cute Andrea!! Sorry that your neighbors flaked out.

Love you all!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Love your cute!!!

Anonymous said...

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