Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Shannon and I had a craft happy weekend, and we loved it! She finished her amazing box project, which we can't show you yet because it's going to win us the grand prize! And I crafted my December Daily, an ornament, and a Christmas planner for Rosie.

At the end of this paper blitz, Shannon had the brilliant idea to photograph it and post it on Two Peas. Well, the response has been incredible. People love knowing that there are other sloppy, disorganized, too-small, non-custom, perfectly imperfect scrap rooms out there! We've been in the top ten since Sunday; we even spent a long time at number one yesterday! Too fun.

It gets better. I logged on to Facebook yesterday, checked the Cosmo Cricket page as I always do, and found my Early Bird layout with Rose and I posted as their Fan Creation of the day! I've been waiting for weeks, and finally yesterday was the day! It's so thrilling to see my work being viewed and celebrated by other CC fans. Awesome!

So this afternoon with my students, we worked on Thanksgiving poems and reflecting on the things in life for which we are most grateful. During our brainstorming session, I came up with a wonderful list of my life's blessings. I'm not always the most positive person, and I often lose sight of just how many gifts I've been given. The lesson was for my sixth graders, but they weren't the only ones learning.

So here's my list. I hope we all take time this week to really pause and reflect and count those blessings, even the ones that like to disguise themselves as annoying burdens most of the time.

For my home - warm, turkey-scented, full of love, and all mine

For my job, and its endless give and take

For the inspiration to craft and create, document and remember

For Aunt Rita's soup and keeping family traditions alive

For naps after dinner

For the 33rd Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade I will watch with my daddy

For the chance to again gather around the table with the people I love most

For Zach and Kenzie, who own my heart and are just starting to realize what that means

For Rosie, who keeps me grounded and still lets me float away with my dreams sometimes

For Shanni, my life and my life line, my purpose and my sanity

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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