Sunday, September 27, 2009


Quiet Sunday mornings in the fall bring me joy. Waking up before Shannon, sitting outside in fresh air that's *almost* cool, watching Gracie sniff every square inch of our little yard, soaking in the silence... simple blessings, you know.
Speaking of simple blessings, I'm taking my mom to play Bingo today with a few friends. I can't say I am looking forward to it necessarily, but I know my mother will have a great time. Just getting out of the house to go someplace other than a doctor's appointment is so meaningful to her. Doing the right thing is easy for me... it's having the right attitude about it that's a struggle.

Shannon and I did squeeze in a little artsy fartsy time last night. She worked on a few bracelets for her (hopefully) upcoming jewelry show in November. I worked on this frame. Taking the kids to Science Camp is my very favorite part of being a 6th grade teacher. But when I bring my camera, I either a) forget to use it, b) take pictures of students - sweet, but not really personally relevant in the long run, or c) end up with pictures of scenery. Last year, Mrs. Clare came up for a spontaneous visit and served as our camera happy camp historian. She grabbed this shot of me sitting in real, lush grass dappled by sunlight. Ahh, dappled sunlight. I found it last night and had to create a way to display it. Thanks for the creative button consultation, Shanni. :)

Time to start the business of the day. I'm thankful for the leisurely start. G 53. BINGO!

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