Monday, September 21, 2009

Home again

Mom came home from the hospital this evening.... again. This was her 4th stay in a bit over a year. We can't seem to help her understand that it's her choices - the no-shoes, the improper diet, the ignoring minor cuts on her feet - that keep putting her back there. This time, she's been dealing with a wound on her ankle that's been grafted a number of times, looked healthy on the outside, but the infection had reached the bone. So 5 days in the hospital receiving intense antibiotics, and we'll continue that regimen at home now for the next 6 weeks.

This aging, ailing parent thing has to be one of the hardest phases of life. Wanting to honor their dignity, but needing to intervene so often for their own safety. Some days I handle it well, some days I cry, some days I rage. Today I just chose to make her a card with an honest, heart-felt message inside. Just trying to find *something* that will make it sink in. Please just pray she quits ignoring the fact that she's diabetic and starts protecting her poor feet!

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