Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Saturday

So I am finally sitting down and *forcing* myself to finish part two of this capstone paper. Homework during the summer really sucks, but this is the final push. Once this paper is done, so is my Masters. Hallelujah!

I started the day with a visit to Mom and Dad's with a round of Starbucks for everyone. They are in good spirits, energetically bickering as usual. Finally filled out the ADA paperwork for both of them so they can use the Valley Metro ADA Service to get to appointments neither Matt nor I can assist with. I also remembered to bring the jewelry cleaner (Mom's been busting my chops for weeks!), so we got her favorite pieces all polished up and shiny new. Still breaks my heart to see her wear that replacement wedding set....*sigh*

Daddy was quite excited to tell me he got our tickets to the Antiques Roadshow for August 1. I have to admit I am really looking forward to it. I love old stuff and my dad - should make for a perfect afternoon.

Alright. Back to work...*horf*

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