Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Her: Currently

Age: 15 months, 4 days
Height: 31.25"
Weight: 22lbs
Words:  mama, no, yeah, hi
Animal Sounds: chicken ("bok, bok"), cow ("mmmmm"), and alligator (snapping teeth)
Body parts she can identify:  nose, ears, toes, belly, hands, teeth, hair
Favorite Foods:  black beans, refried beans, blueberries, watermelon, pizza, cream cheese with or without a blueberry bagel, goldfish, fruit pull-aparts, milk
Nicknames: Bean, Annabeans, Annabellie, Beanie Weenie, Sugar Puff, Turd Bird
Things that make her happy:  brushing her teeth, stuffed animals, playing outside, her big pink ball, pictures of grandpa, her Dora couch, books, trying to pick up the giant column in Mommy's showroom, singing Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, upside down baby
Things that make her belly laugh:  Mama chewing on her tummy, when you imitate her crying, when we sing the hiney song at bath time
Things that make her cry: the word no, shots at the doctor
Things we especially love about her right now:  how easily she goes to bed at night, how well she eats, the way she waves and blows kisses, her sweet squishy face, cuddling with her on weekend mornings, her hugs and kisses

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Mary Ann Jenkins said...

What sweet photos!! We always have to stop and look at the cute hats at Target too :)