Sunday, March 18, 2012

An mini-trip cut short

This is it, the last day of my Spring Break.  The weather is gray and melancholy, just like my mood.  It's like the whole universe is sad to see this week come to an end :)  I've loved *almost* every single minute of it - time with my baby girl, time organizing and cleaning my home, time in my craft room.  But of course, it wasn't enough time.  It never is.

We tried to end the week with a long weekend up in Sedona.  We've always had good times up there eating, hiking, a hotel we really enjoy.  However, that was before we had 15 month old in tow.  Holy high maintenance, Batman!  Her eating schedule, her nap schedule, her poop schedule.  She wouldn't sleep, she wanted to run everywhere and touch everything, she hated being cooped up in her stroller, and did I mention she wouldn't sleep?  Aieee.  Not vacation, torture.  She was uncomfortable out of her space and her routine, and it just wasn't fun for anyone.  So we went up Friday morning and came back Saturday afternoon.  And really, I'm ok with it.  Truth is, I'd rather crash on my own couch on a cold, soggy day than be anywhere else.  We did have an awesome dinner Friday night at Picazzo's.  Annabellie was in a great mood, making friends all over the patio, the wine was killer, the pizza delish, and the fire toasty.  It was a long damn drive and a LOT of money just to have one lovely meal, but no regrets.  Also, we did manage to grab a couple nice photos.   And that's enough for me.

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