Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love that picture

Ever love a picture so much you scrap it multiple times?  Apparently, I have.  I snapped these few shots of the Bean chilling in her crib while I put away her clean laundry and I adore them.  They are so yellow and bright and happy and *her*.  Cheesy as it may sound, they truly capture her essence. :)  So I thought they deserved not one, but three layouts.  These are the two I made yesterday.

In other news, as much as I'd love to pretend my life is nothing but happy baby and pretty paper, it isn't. I'm meeting today with the owner of the assisted living home where we'll be moving my mother to over the weekend.  She's holding steady at the skilled nursing facility, but we feel like she'll get more personalized attention at assisted living. She'll be one of six ladies instead of one of hundreds of patients, and we really feel comfortable with this place. I can't bear to think my mother won't be home, probably ever again. I certainly can't bear to really type out my feelings about it. Choosing even when there is no choice still hurts like hell.

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