Monday, April 11, 2011


... waiting for Shanni and the Bean to get home.  Damn meeting is keeping them from me.
... planning dinner. Rotisserie chicken?  Yes.
... listening to Christina Perri. Who do you think you are???
... loving and hating Pinterest. *sigh*  Sooo inspiring, but sooo time consuming.
... checking updates on Facebook while simultaneously browsing the Studio Calico gallery.  Thanks for the love on my layout everybody. 
...worrying about my mom.  I just want her better. I want her normal. I want her to be the person she was 5 years ago.  I want her to eat right, and do the simple exercises she's been prescribed (again and again). I want her to be able to get out of bed on her own, and walk a few steps on her own, and make smart decisions on her own.  I want my mom back, dammit.
...counting the days til summer. Yeah, already.

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