Saturday, November 13, 2010


Twas a busy Saturday - haircut, scrapping, brunch, movies, shopping, dinner, laundry, chores.  Now Shanni's asleep on the recliner and I'm watching HP and the Goblet of Fire and checking out SC's December kit sneaks.

A lot on my mind today.  We're missing loved ones.... Ruthie and Nervs.  While the holiday season is, of course, joyful, it also makes us long for those no longer with us.  Speaking of holidays, I'm sooo happy that Zach and Kenz will be with us for Thanksgiving.  Rolling meatballs for the soup, watching the parade.  But at the same time, I'm disgusted that their parents are going to spend the week hunting while they push their 4 children off on extended family.  I can't stand who my brother is as a parent anymore and it makes me sad.  And I'm feeling anxious... worried about finishing all the baby preparations and desperately eager to meet our daughter, hold her, smell her, count her fingers and toes, kiss her rosy cheeks.  Shannon is going to ask our doctor for one more ultrasound, just so we can see her.  January 19 will be here before we know it, yet feels too long to wait for a glimpse.

That was today's project, inspired by Tom Petty and everything I'm feeling right now.  Anyway, it's late. It's time to head to bed.  Hoping your hearts and minds are more settled than mine :)

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