Sunday, March 7, 2010

How'd that happen?

Spring or not spring, that is the question.  Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day spent completely outdoors.  The sun was warm and bright, and a refreshing breeze was blowing gently out of the east. I scooped roughly 150lbs of dog poo (perhaps I exaggerate slightly), coated the lawn in weed and feed, pulled and sprayed all the other weeds, swept and washed the patio, potted some new spring plants including calendula and tulips, and sprayed for bugs. When the work was complete, Shannon and I played frisbee in the street with Grace.  That same breeze even carried one of our disks up onto Grace's roof.   The day looked like this:

Today was a totally different story. About 25 degrees colder than yesterday, dark and rainy all day.  Not just rainy...winter-downpour-icy-hail-at-times kind of rainy.  We were forced to stay inside, Shannon working while I planned our vacation and crafted some invitations.  The heat is on and we're bundled up in sweatshirts.  How'd that happen?

We're hoping this storm washed our frisbee off the roof, at least.

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