Sunday, February 21, 2010

Got Sushi?

I'm best with bulleted lists, so here goes:

  • Woke up l-a-t-e (10:45ish. yum!) to the sound of rain (yum!!) and cleaned house (not so yum).
  • Drove way out to Joann's to find some great deals I saw online. Deals are online only. Damn.
  • Discovered a nearby sushi place, Got Sushi, and turns out it's delish! Their Sweet and Spicy Roll is to die for, the Crunchy Roll is excellent, but the Chimichanga was disappointing. Overall, a thumb's up and we will definitely go back.
  • Scoped out the Spring Break trip to Oregon. Found some good deals, thanks to Expedia. Now Shannon just needs to move her ass and schedule her days off. Grrrr.
Overall, a successful Sunday. I love the power verbs that start each bulleted item, btw.

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