Saturday, February 13, 2010

For Mom

Caring for, and worrying about, aging parents is the most difficult thing I've had to do thus far in my life. As I've blogged before, I find myself forgetting to love and celebrate and enjoy the time we have together. Instead I get bogged down in nagging and obsessing about all the things they *don't* do that would make them feel better, make their lives easier, protect them from getting hurt or sick. Especially my mother. Just once I want to go over to their house and see her with her socks and shoes on, sitting upright with her wheelchair foot pegs on, following all the advice her doctors give her (with lots of repeating from dad and me!) Too often, our interactions are negative - because I get so upset with her for NOT doing what she should.

So with a lovely Saturday all to myself, I decided to create a simple gift for her. Mom's Honey-do List. I've already hung it in their kitchen. Hopefully it will serve as a pretty, loving reminder of all my nagging. And when I go over there, I'll try not to say a negative word... because my words are now on her wall all the time.

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