Sunday, November 27, 2011

Still a few things

This Thanksgiving was not easy for me.  All my life, this holiday has meant a big meal, lots of family gathered round, and loud good times.  It is Aunt Rita's soup and the parade and football and naps and planning the Black Friday blitz.  While some things remained the same, many things were quite different this year.   I realize lots of families can't be together because of work schedules or miles or having to split holidays with in-laws.  But I couldn't blame any of those things.  All I could do was spend my first Thanksgiving in 35 years without my mother or my brother for very different, very heartbreaking reasons.

By the same turn, I spent this holiday with my almost-81 year old dad, my almost-11 month old daughter, my dearest friend, and the love of my life.  Daddy came over early so we could all watch the parade together like always and we feasted on Aunt Rita's soup.   We took fun photos in the backyard and lamented the lack of Black Friday deals worth rushing out for. We stuffed the fridge full of tasty leftovers and went together to visit mom. The blessings in my life are countless and I am so, so grateful.  But there are still a few things I am praying for.  

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