Sunday, August 2, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Hooray! It's my first weekend home after what seems like an eternity. Life just picked up as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. Landscaping was the first order of business! There is (was) a bush in the backyard that looked good when we picked it 5yrs ago in the little 5gal bucket but looked horrendous as it grew into a Medusa's head! I decided it had to go. My method...get the ground wet then push it over in multiple directions until it was loose enough to "He-man" out. I did it! The damn thing weighed a ton! In order to dispose of the beast I held it up over the large garbage can and Andrea carved it into manageable pieces like a Thanksgiving turkey until it was all in the can! Good times... not really. Then we had lunch with Kristen and Stephen who are visiting from Utah. When I got home I had to tackle the not too small task of unpacking and putting everything in its place. This was made even more difficult by the nauseating migraine attacking my brain! I got the job done and Sunday was our day to have an early lunch, Rubio's, again! Then go work in Andrea's classroom and visit Deb. We finished the evening out with a great dinner that I actually made and a quick card game that I actually won! Good times...really! That's all for now.

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